March Back Into Health

IVs aren’t just for sick people in the hospital. A licensed Naturopathic Doctor can help you stay healthy and perhaps prevent a trip to the hospital by providing IV therapy right in the doctor’s office. This unique therapy allows your body to receive high-quality nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins without delay. A liquid solution goes […]

February Facial Special – It’s Time for Self-Love

February brings out the giant stuffed animals, chocolates, and an explosion of red hearts, but love isn’t the only thing in the air this year. We live in special times where stress is waiting around every corner, and you can’t step into a public space without covering your mouth and nose with a mask. We’re […]

Multiple Approaches to Self-Care for Optimal Vitality

Anything that you do to care for your physical or mental health is a form of self-care. It can take the form of simple actions like walking away from a stressful situation to take a few deep breaths. It may also take the form of routine behaviors like visiting our wellness centre for personal training […]

The 4 Dimensions of Self-Care – And How to Hit Them All at Once

Have you noticed that your self-care efforts don’t last long term? It may feel like caring for yourself is a full-time job, but the solution is to touch on all four dimensions of self-care with sensual experiences. That’s a deeper level of self-rejuvenation that can calm the storms of life even during your most chaotic […]

Limited-Time Physiotherapy Savings

Total Vitality Centre is now offering a limited time special for first time physiotherapy customers. Book a 45 minute session and pay for 30 mins. $120 regular price is now $80. (Save $40) Call now to book this limited time offer.