One Perfect Day Leads to a Vibrant, Healthy Lifestyle Specialized for You

Perfect Day Consultation

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Every day you step into our soothing wellness centre can turn into the perfect day, but we want to make sure you have that experience with our new Perfect Day consultation. It’s designed to provide personalized assessment and goal setting that leads to the creation of an action plan that will take you to the future you want to enjoy.
A Perfect Day Consultation for a Future of Health
Remember, what you do today determines the life you enjoy tomorrow. One Perfect Day now could lead to a healthy lifestyle for the future. It all starts with one day at our integrated healthcare clinic.
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Meet Dr. Keith S.M. Tong, Ph.D, DNM

Dr. Keith S.M. Tong, Ph.D, DNM, is the Doctor of Natural Medicine and Doc of Detox practitioner with the International Training Institute of Health behind the Perfect Day Experience at Total Vitality Centre. As a graduate of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine and a current doctor Natural Medicine he has the experience, training, and passion to make your Perfect Day come true.

When you book your Perfect Day consultation, you will receive all of the following

  • Overview of Medical History & Lifestyle
    •  Dr. Tong will take the time to listen to your current routine plus details of your lifestyle and medical history. If he’s going to help you transform your life, he must understand your starting point. This information is used to create a personalized action plan that leads to a healthy weight, healthy mind, and exciting new lifestyle.
  • Daily Detox Protocols
    • Our daily detox secrets will help relieve bloating and other symptoms of a body that hasn’t been properly maintained over time. We keep the protocols simple so that they’re easy to fit into your daily life. You’ll feel lighter, healthier, and more vibrant.
  • Nutritional Education
    • Dr. Tong will guide you toward making the healthiest food decisions for your body. Whether you need to lose a substantial amount of weight or just want to maintain your body with more nutritious foods, he will help you adjust your diet so that you reach your goals without feeling deprived.
  • Ongoing Recipes & Educational Support
    • The Perfect Day is a great kickoff to a healthier lifestyle, but you will need support as you adjust to your new lifestyle. We provide that with ongoing recipes plus access to a library of videos, audio recordings, and booklets that provide continual guidance.
  • Life-Altering Goal Setting Process
    • Work with a trained Doc of Detox coach and Doctor of Natural Medicine to set goals that have meaning in your life. The first step to success is always setting the right goals and establishing your intention.
  • Plan of Action that Drives Real Results
    • You’ll walk out of your Perfect Day consultation with an action plan that tells you exactly what to do each day moving forward. When you follow the plan, you reach your goals. The Perfect Day turns into a perfect life when you commit to the plan.
  • Consultation Recording
    • You will also leave the consultation with a recording that allows you to review everything Dr. Tong shared with you throughout the day.
  • Lifetime Support
    • Dr. Tong and his team at our wellness centre will provide a lifetime of telephone support as you commit to your new life-changing action plan. We know that life transformations are hard, but we also know that all good things take some commitment and hard work. Dr. Keith Tong, Ph.D DNM makes it easier by supporting you as you move through the process at home.
Set Your Goals & Transform Your Life at Our Integrated Healthcare Clinic
The Customized Action Plan for a Healthy Weight, Mind, and Life
The Results of Your Perfect Day

Once your Perfect Day consultation is complete and you start following your new healthy lifestyle, you can expect the following results to develop over time:

  • Increased Energy
  • Pain Relief
  • Relief for Aching Joints
  • Disease-Resistant Lifestyle
  • Radiant Skin
  • Healthy Weight Maintenance
  • Improved Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Hormonal Balance

With your commitment to taking massive personal action combined with following a lifestyle that leads to a healthier weight, proper hormonal balance, and dramatically improved mental health, you experience less pain, fewer aching joints, and vibrant, healthy skin that reflects your newly revitalized body and mind.

Some of these results take time, but you may be surprised how quickly you feel the impact of your Perfect Day with Dr. Keith Tong, Ph.D DNM. Book an appointment today for your Perfect Day Consultation.

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