The 4 Dimensions of Self-Care – And How to Hit Them All at Once

Have you noticed that your self-care efforts don’t last long term? It may feel like caring for yourself is a full-time job, but the solution is to touch on all four dimensions of self-care with sensual experiences. That’s a deeper level of self-rejuvenation that can calm the storms of life even during your most chaotic phases.

You can’t eliminate the stress of daily life, but you can take time out to rejuvenate in all four of these areas:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Psychological

How do you find experiences that will touch on all four of those dimensions? We have some ideas for you.


Acupuncture treatments involve the insertion of small needles into key points of the body to unblock the qi. A well-trained practitioner will insert the needles while you relax, close your eyes, and enjoy the experience. While some people find the treatment soothing, the benefits are longer lasting.

You can use acupuncture to relieve mental and physical stress, but it’s also believed to help with pain, sleep, and healing. It’s a sensory experience that can cross from the physical to the spiritual, psychological, and emotional if you suffer from any medical or mental condition that leaves you exhausted and in need of healing.

IV Therapy

What comes out of your body is often a reflection of what goes in. Some of the most powerful forms of self-care allow you to infuse your body with immune-boosting elements with the power to boost your overall health and wellness.

IV therapy releases nutrients and amino acids into your system immediately. The exact nutrients included depend on your personal needs, so you can customize the experience for long-lasting benefits. Some injections are designed to give the immune system a boost, which can help you stay healthy while promoting healing.

When you’re physically well and your body heals naturally, it gives your emotional, spiritual, and psychological conditions a boost.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Intense Pulse Light, otherwise known as IPL, is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates collagen rejuvenation and corrects a variety of skin imperfections. If you suffer from sun damage, birthmarks, varicose veins, rosacea, or age spots, you know that your skin directly impacts your physical and mental wellness. Skin rejuvenation sessions can improve the physical appearance while boosting your self-confidence and hitting on all four of those dimensions of self-care over time.

Routine Spa Services

There are many simple spa services that can also help you hit all four dimensions of self-care, especially when pampering your body becomes a part of your weekly or monthly routine. You may enjoy an organic facial onee fresh, glowing tone to your skin when it’s finished. Even a quick massage can touch you on an emotional level w week and a vegan facial the next while working in a brow and lash tint or drainage massage each month.

The key to taking a facial or massage to the next level of self-care is to push away stressful thoughts and enjoy it as a sensory experience. Focus your mind on the aromas, the pressure on your skin, the subtle sounds, and hen you focus entirely the experience from start to finish.

Here at Total Vitality Centre, the mission is to make effective self-care accessible to everyone. Contact us today to prepay for two facials and receive 20% off spa products in our store.