Pandemic-Proof Your Practice & Career

As health and wellness professionals, we know that massage and holistic healing services aren’t just a luxury, but a way to a healthier and happier life.

Now, more than ever, people need and deserve the kind of healing and pampering that your services provide. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, your return client list may have all but dried up.

This pandemic has impacted all industries, with the health and wellness industry being especially affected due to our close physical proximity to our clients.

Many healthcare practitioners (particularly RMTs) are feeling the sting of the loss of their regular clients.

With the ability to now safely provide services again, it’s important to be able to communicate and build trust with your clientele in order for them to feel comfortable enough to return.

We know that re-building your practice can feel like an insurmountable feat given the current global situation, and we understand the difficulty personally.

For this reason we have decided to partner with local industry expert Matt Furlot, the creator of the very successful “Practice Builders” course to provide a condensed version of his program for anyone wanting to rebuild their practice and create long-term success with recurring clients again.

Hiring RMTs and Physiotherapists In Burnaby Vancouver - Pandemic Proof Your Business

This upcoming, local, 4-hour event will offer health and wellness practitioners the tools to Pandemic-Proof Your Practice and start to not only rebuild your business, but exceed the success that you had pre-Covid-19.

A vital part of regaining your long-term, return clientele is building trust through communication.

In this in-person event “Pandemic Proof Your Business“, you will learn the techniques to cultivate these relationships. Investing in yourself and your practice is always a good choice, and more important than ever to ensure success. During this socially distanced function, you will learn the tools needed to achieve success and will be able to put them to use right away.

Some of our past practitioners have seen a 200% to 400% increase in their bookings shortly after completing this event workshop! 

The event main speaker, Matt Furlot is the lead creator of “HealthMed Mastery” a local successful healthcare professional program.

Matt has been a healthcare professional since 1998, his client list is extensive and impressive. He has worked as the director of massage therapy for the BC Lions, as a therapist for the MLS Whitecaps, and as the Medical Manager at the 2010 Olympics, just to name a few. Through HealthMEd mastery, Matt has trained hundreds of healthcare practitioners with his simple and valuable techniques.

What makes Pandemic Proof your Pracitce so exciting is that Matt will be opening up his private courses and teaching methods which is normally only offered to private clinics and healthcare teams.


If you’re a registered healthcare professional or a student in a healthcare program, you can reserve your ticket today! (Only up to 20 people!)


RMTs Hiring Burnaby - Physiotherapists

Limited seating to only 20 people due to COVID measures and the first 10 people will be entered into a giveaway to win a $100 Spa Gift Card.

Make the choice to invest in yourself and in your practice today, visit the event website to reserve your free tickets!