Acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for over 3,000 years and remains an integral part of Eastern medicine.

In the West, it is a natural complement to many other therapies, such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy for the effective relief of a wide variety of ailments.

Acupuncture is safe and effective when applied as a treatment for a variety of conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • Allergies
  • Colitis
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Fertility
  • Lower & Upper Back Pain
  • Menopause
  • Nerve Pain Conditions
  • Muscular/Tissue Strain
  • Weight Management

Acupuncture involves the placement of extremely fine, sterile needles into specific acupoints along the channels of the body. It stimulates the release of the body’s own natural pain killers and also initiates tissue healing and disease resolution.

When an acupuncture needle is inserted it directly affects the nervous system, making changes at a biochemical level as well as influencing the fascia and extracellular matrix.

Acupuncture practitioners aim not only to provide symptom relief but to evaluate the health of an individual and address the root cause of illness in order to restore harmony, balance and overall health.

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