A Natural Medicine Approach to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation

Despite healthy living and new sleep and dietary habits being recommended nearly everywhere you turn, including magazines, television commercials, direct mail advertisements and billboards, it can be incredibly difficult to find a health plan that works for you. You need a wellness plan that meets your goals, helps you feel your best and tackles those chronic underlying problems to get to the root cause of any physical illnesses you are experiencing. The Total Vitality Score is designed to let you take control of your health with the guidance of knowledgeable practitioners.

Introducing the Total Vitality Score at an Integrated Healthcare Clinic

Dr. Keith and Dr. Helen Tong are proud to present their new Total Vitality Score, which is a five-step program designed to get you back to peak health. It takes into account your physical, mental and spiritual health to address the body, mind and spirit.

The Total Vitality Score is the ideal solution for people with numerous concerns, such as excessive weight gain, the inability to lose weight, feelings of depression or anxiety and lack of energy. These are often problems that today’s health care systems are not willing or able to address. However, the custom wellness plans from our integrated healthcare clinic can help you make the right decisions so that you can meet your health goals and transform your life for years to come.

Discover a Personalized Complete Wellness Plan

Total Vitality is a five-step program that centers on you and your needs. First, you will answer some questions to get your Total Vitality Score. Second, our practitioners will interpret your score and start formulating a complete wellness plan. Third, we offer a complimentary consultation that usually lasts approximately 30 minutes. During this time, we will go over your score and our recommended plan with you. Fourth, you will agree to follow your individualized plan. Finally, you will begin to experience total vitality and will have the tools and resources you need to maintain this level of wellness for the rest of your life.

Why Natural Medicine Is the Best Place to Start

The typical Canadian health care experience relies on treating symptoms, such as pain, digestive disorders and anxiety. However, it does not usually take into account many of the invisible issues that are the true root causes for many physical, mental and spiritual issues. Natural medicine is the best place to start because it traces symptoms back to their root causes. Many of these are invisible, and many have been affecting you, perhaps unknowingly, for years. At Total Vitality Centre, we offer numerous natural treatment modalities with an emphasis on integrative health care plans uniquely designed for you.

Contact Total Vitality Centre to learn more about the Total Vitality Score, or check out our Total Vitality Score Test online today.