Keith Tong – Wellness Coaching


Co-founder of Total Vitality Centre

Keith Tong is a graduate of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine with multiple credentials in holistic health, including a bachelor’s degree in holistic health science. He is currently a holistic healthcare practitioner and continues to expand his knowledge and skills through the master’s degree program, and eventually the doctorate program in Integrative and Natural Medicine. This approach to healthcare is where he has found his life’s work.

In the business world, he is first and foremost an entrepreneur. He spent many years in various industries in Canada, working for someone else. After marrying, Helen and Keith became partners in both life and business.

Full of energy and idealism, they opened a pharmacy and were soon doing something they loved and believed in. Within 6 years, they successfully opened two more pharmacies. At their peak, these businesses grossed over $5 million dollars in revenue, employed over 40 people and filled a thousand prescriptions per day.

Nine years into their business ventures, Keith and Helen decided to embark on an entirely new path for helping people with health issues. Rather than sell drugs, they wanted to help prevent disease and ease symptoms and decided to open a new business with a more personal line of services.

The Total Vitality Centre is a well-appointed clinic offering a wide range of natural health care solutions and therapeutic methods that help the body heal. The high quality of services and caliber of therapists form exactly what the name describes: Total Vitality.

“My mission is to educate, empower, and inspire individuals and families to take control of their health rather than suffer from unnecessary illness or disease.”