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Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. It is based on the healing power of nature and it supports and stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Naturopathic BurnabyThe primary differences between naturopathic and conventional medicine are the philosophical approach and the therapies used. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) treat patients as individuals by addressing the physical, environmental, lifestyle, and emotional aspects of health.

This allows naturopathic doctors to find and treat the cause of the disease using a variety of therapies. Conventional doctors generally address and treat the symptoms of a disease and use pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Naturopathic Medicine treats all forms of health concerns — from pediatric to geriatric, from irritating systems to chronic illness and from the physical to the psychological. Naturopathic medicine is beneficial for the following types of patients:

  • Patients that are looking for disease prevention and health promotion strategies.
  • Patients that have a range of symptoms that they have been unable to address on their own or with the help of other medical practitioners.
  • Patients that have been diagnosed with an illness, often serious or chronic and are looking for treatment options.
  • Patients that are looking to combine conventional and naturopathic treatments with the aim of minimizing side effects of drugs, surgery or conventional treatments.
  • Patients looking to optimize health, prevent future illness or slow the ageing process so life can be lived more vitally.

Naturopathic doctors in Burnaby are particularly good at curing pain and anxiety, reducing cholesterol, and managing other issues. Their goal isn’t to get you on the right drugs, but it’s to treat your wellbeing. When it comes to chronic ailments, conventional drugs can help initially, but at some point, they might stop working. Curing chronic conditions first starts with making lifestyle changes such as weight loss, regular exercise, and a healthy diet.

This is where a naturopathic doctor comes in. They help patients map out a plan to make these changes and achieve their goals one step at a time.

Sometimes, the body’s hormone production just goes out of control. There usually isn’t much that conventional medicine can do in this area. A few good herbs are incredibly efficient at bringing those ‘wacky’ hormones back under control. This is why naturopathy is particularly good with pregnant women or those undergoing PMS.

Our expert naturopaths in Burnaby will thoroughly go over your diet to see if your foods are responsible for hormonal imbalances. This is usually done by running a few blood tests.

Why Choose Us?

Our naturopathic doctors are kind, caring, and compassionate, and they really do care about your wellbeing. They will take their time in evaluating your specific condition. Nothing is hurried in or out. A thorough history of your lifestyle is mapped out during the very first visit, and this includes your diet, lifestyle, environmental exposures, and stress levels.

We also evaluate any medication or supplements you might currently be taking. You might be asked to take a few tests using unique laboratory techniques such as digestive stool analysis and blood tests.

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