Mind Based Wellness

Total Vitality Centre brings together the latest technology, modalities and consulting practices to help you attain your wellness goals. Most of our therapies are of great benefit to the mind as well as body and spirit but we also specifically offer therapies specializing in the mind.

One of our more interesting tools is the BrainTap, a piece of “Brain Zap Technology.

The brain is the most precious organ in the body. Even when other vital organs keep working, without brain wave activity the body is an empty vessel. Breakthroughs in modern science have led to a greater understanding of the brain than ever before.

For instance, advancements in the study of neuroplasticity have shown that the brain can reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, compensating for injury and disease, and to adjust activities in response to new situations or environmental change.


This implies that we not as strictly bound by genetics as previously believed and that each of us has the power for self-transformation by providing the brain with the stimulus it needs to achieve the quality of life we desire.


Despite the “zappy” name, Brain Zap Technology alters and stabilizes brain waves safely and without pain to allow for positive effects in mental abilities and function by allowing your brain to gain the proper rest and stimulus it requires for growth & balance.

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