Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis – LBA Lederman MicroscopeHealth issues can be affected and caused by our traumas, conflict, emotional strain and personal challenge. When we feel unhealthy and want to have an insight into our personal health and overall wellness.

Live Blood Analysis is a safe and enlightening tool that helps to investigate and understand our health issues on a scientific level.

Our team and state of the art facility offer this blood analysis service and allows us to see the health of your body through a definitive process and can help you have vital information on your own state of health while allowing us to then find solutions to help fix your issues and improve your health.

With a tiny little prick, we take a single drop of your blood and analyze it under our powerful microscopes (of about 1000x the Human Eye!) and put it through various blood analysis processes to fully figure out your vitamin levels and the many things that blood can tell us about our body.

Learning from live blood analysis:

The function and appearance of your blood cells are a very important indicator to personal wellness & health.

Having a healthy blood ecology is imperative to our personal wellness and dietary make up. Our Live blood Analysis & Vitality services give you a real image of your own body and shows the complexity of health issues and the possible solutions based on your bodies blood health & ecology.

Our Live Blood Analysis & Vitality services is an exact way to look into your inner being and personal health while studying your own personal needs directly. Most health issues can be observed with some abnormality found during Blood Analysis.

Whether you are looking for better solutions to your health issues or if you are just looking for a way to improve upon in your personal health and wellness:

Live Blood Analysis is a perfect starting anchor for improving your personal health & wellness.

Many health issues can be identified with Live Blood Vitality Analysis — one of the most powerful advancements in homeopathic medicine & care is Live Blood Analysis and the power to identify:

  • Acid / Alkaline imbalances
  • Deficiencies in vitamins & minerals such as B12, C, E, folic acid, magnesium and iron
  • Abnormal Hormone Imbalances
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Digestion issues
  • Lymphatic health
  • Atherosclerotic plaque
  • Clotting disorders and despondent liver issues
  • Poor blood circulation and cellular oxygenation

One of our specialists in our wellness centre will have a discussion with you during the first appointment and compare your blood to a healthy sample. You can see the results on a screen right as you are with us, and the specialist will explain the details of your sample and results.

Once the analysis has been completed, alternative approaches and supplement suggestions will be recommended and added to your personal file. The file includes the results of the blood analysis and a five-page report of our findings during your Blood Analysis.

Vitality Analysis – EPI/GDV Protocol

Using the latest technology led by a Bio-Physicist by the name of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and his colleague, Dr. Krishna Madappa — created a device called the Bio-Well that allows us to conduct analysis on the Human Energy Field.


The technology called the GDV Technique is a powerful protocol to conduct analysis of your personal electro-photonic emissions. The Bio Well allows one to stick their finger into it and get an accurate measurement reading of their balance with the electromagnetic lens of the device.

When a scan is done, a very weak electrical current is sent to your finger and a reading is made from the result back.

It does this with a very intricate camera system that picks up the millisecond reaction of the electrical current and translates it back into a graphical representation of the energy. This allows us to see stress, energy signatures and make vitality evaluations of your personal balance & wellness.

Based on Chinese energy meridians this technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been verified by over 18 years of clinical use by a vast amount of medical practitioners and has proven to be quick, simple and non-invasive entirely.

The benefits and insights that are possible by measuring the energy of wellness includes a large array of informative things:

  • Getting feedback and analysis in Real-Time that allows for us to see the positive and negative factors to our balance and wellness
  • By being able to break down and display multiple statistics in multiple ways we can deduce and study in ways that were never before able to be done
  • Learn about our own personal bio-electric fields and what this means and pertains to our personal health & wellness and how our energy affects our state
  • Allows us to directly compare and monitor energy states and effects
  • Can identify individual stresses that effect your bodies harmony

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