Hair Removal

Here at Total Vitality Centre, we specialize in Non-Toxic, Natural Skin Care with our Organic, Vegan Beauty Services and being ahead of other Spas/Clinics in Vancouver. When it comes to Hair Removal in Vancouver, we highly suggest our new Sheerwave® IPL360 treatments because of how effective and comfortable they are.

The Sheerwave® IPL360: The world’s fastest and most efficient IPL technology for Hair Removal

Comfortable, Cool Hair Removal

The Sheerwave® IPL360 is a new, non-invasive device for quickly and painlessly achieving a smooth, long-lasting hairless result. This exclusive patented technology using advanced light waves is effective on a wide variety of skin types, whether light or dark and all hair colours without ever causing any burns or side-effects.

Remarkable results can be seen from the very first treatment and provide a multitude of benefits and successful results treating many different hair types. We are able to get rid of hair in all areas of the body with much more speed and comfort in comparison to traditional laser hair removal while being much safer than chemical alternatives.

The ability for us to identify and personalize the treatments to your unique hair type and areas allows us a very satisfying result every time for:

  • All Hair Colours
  • All Hair Types

Has international safety and clinical authorizations by the FDA, EC-MDD, ISO-13485, ISO-9001 and Health Canada. The results of this machine are absolutely amazing. It allows us to modify and create personalized treatments and schedules for our clients for their unique hair types.

Vancouver Hair Removal

The Sheerwave® IPL360 Hair Removal Services we offer here at Total Vitality Centre performed by our certified technicians are usable on any patient for solving your individual hair issues, removing and smoothing the skin with results that last years without any form of discomfort or pain in a few quick treatments.

Vancouver Hair Removal

It’s simple, comfortable, and long-lasting!

We are very excited to be using the newest, cutting edge technology to provide our clients with the most youthful skin possible. We thank Dereme&Co. for authorizing us as one of these devices recommended centres for offering treatments with this amazing technology.

Contact Total Vitality Centre and discover the tools and solutions for your ultimate vitality in every area of your life, so you can begin to live your life to its fullest.

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