February Facial Special – It’s Time for Self-Love

February brings out the giant stuffed animals, chocolates, and an explosion of red hearts, but love isn’t the only thing in the air this year. We live in special times where stress is waiting around every corner, and you can’t step into a public space without covering your mouth and nose with a mask.

We’re all talking about the changes to our daily lives, but what about changes to our skin? We need a professional organic facial or vegan facial now more than ever.

If you haven’t thought about what our challenging times are doing to your skin, now is the time to give it some thought and then book your appointment for a February facial designed to help undo some of the damage.

Stress and Your Skin

Research has proven that skin changes occur in response to stress. If you’ve noticed that you have more acne breakouts or your skin colour is duller when you’re stressed out, you’re not delusional. Those changes are real.

Reducing your stress level is the most direct way to bring your skin back to that natural glow you love, but that’s often easier said than done. Visiting our wellness centre for an organic facial or vegan facial is the next best thing, but you can also help your skin by staying hydrated and eating nutrient-rich foods that nourish your cells.

Masks and Your Skin

Have you heard healthcare workers speaking out on social media about changes in their skin after wearing N95 masks for long hours, month after month? From acne to dry skin, redness, itching, and even rashes, those changes have also been reported by workers in many other fields who are now required to wear face masks for eight hours or longer.

Even wearing a mask for shorter periods of time can result in dry, damaged skin over time. It comes from breathing over your skin cells and absorbing your own breath plus the humidity and friction that occurs inside the mask.

Masking may contribute to the greater good of society, but it may not feel like the best thing for your facial skin. That’s why acts of self-care are more essential now than ever. Self-care starts with a visit to an integrated healthcare clinic where all of your needs are considered.

Facials to the Rescue

Organic and vegan facials strip away contaminants and impurities that contribute to acne and other signs of skin distress. They moisturize and nourish deep into the pores with natural ingredients proven to brighten the skin.

If you’ve ever stepped out of a spa or wellness centre feeling lighter on your feet and 10 years younger, you know the psychological power of a professional facial. That healthy mindset is matched by healthy changes within the skin and the radiating glow that you enjoy for days if not weeks after the facial.

If you’re starting to feel and see the devastation of our challenging times on your skin, contact our integrated healthcare clinic today. Book now to receive 25% off any facial!