Note: Our Weight Loss Program is coupled with our Mind Based Wellness Services.

M.I.C is named after its main ingredients: Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. It is administered as an injection on a weekly basis for approximately 3 months, what this injection does is it assists the body to naturally burn fat, boost energy, and protect the liver while you lose weight.

Along with the above ingredients, a MIC injection also contains B12, and Folic Acid (B9), which work together to maintain the body’s health and stability while undergoing the treatment. Methionine is an essential amino acid and is considered a “Lipotronic Amino Acid” which means that it is responsible for reducing fat and the “bad” cholesterol levels; Inositol works with Vitamin E, B, and C in your system to metabolize fat and cholesterol, and it also redistributes fat in the body; and finally, Choline works with Methionine to metabolize lipids.

All of these ingredients are designed to rapidly break down fat and metabolize it into energy to be burned.

Of course, the greatest response to MIC Weight loss Therapy is to address a change in eating habits and physical activity. At Total Vitality Centre, we will look at the overall state of your health and advise you on where and what to do to optimize the results of your therapy. The idea is to use the therapy as a springboard into a lifestyle that will give you plenty of enjoyable days to come in vibrant health.

Good health begins with getting down to a natural weight for yourself. Being overweight causes high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems and more, not to mention we feel awful. Once you get your weight under control you will feel much better and be in great position to begin working on maintaining your health and taking it to the next level.

Come into Total Vitality Centre and book an appointment with our practitioner of TCM, Jahyun (Jennifer) Kim TCM; Keith Tong and/or Helen Tong, HHP, Owners. There are so many different ways that we can improve our quality of life, a great place to start is with weight loss and building healthy living habits. Our team is here for you as a “one-stop” HUB for all things Health.

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